Our recent report on church and congregational growth suggests that there are things a leadership team can do to promote membership growth.  Unfortunately it also requires a willingness to do things differently. Check out this and other reports on our publications page >>


The health of America's congregations remains a challenging situation; however, our new study shows that innovative, contemporary worship offers hope for increased spiritual vitality.  Read more >>


Religious congregations are making dramatic strides in adapting to Internet technologies.  The use of both websites and email by congregations has more than doubled in the past decade while over 40% use Facebook. Read more >>

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Leadership Reports

Keeping Members

In all congregations, growth and vitality are a result of twin processes: recruitment and retention. Read more >>

Congregational Conflict

This publication offers research, tips and resources to help clergy. Read more >>

Research Reports

Internet & Religion

American churches and congregations use of Internet technology Read more >>

FACTS on Growth: 2010

A report explores the key factors that made a difference in growing churches… Read more >>

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