FACT 2015

The Faith Communities Today 2015 national survey brings together the 12 individual surveys of congregations.  Eleven of these were conducted by or for partner denominations and faith groups, representing many of the country’s largest denominations and faith traditions. The common core questionnaire of the survey replicates many of the questions from the previous surveys as well as three modules focused on young adults, congregational vitality and Christian education practices.

Rather than releasing all the survey data at one time, we have opted to explore themes within the results to create focused subject reports throughout 2016.

The first overview report, American Congregations 2015: Thriving and Surviving, notes key patterns and findings from the research.

Later reports will be released during 2016 and will address:

  • The involvement of young adults in churches and other religious communities
  • The use of Internet technologies and what difference this makes to how they function
  • The correlates of church growth for the 2015 congregations
  • The dynamics of vitality within these congregations

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