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Faith Communities Today announces our 2017 Student Paper Competition with a prize of $1000 for the best submission.

The Research Report on Sunday Schools and Religious Education in Congregations has just come out.

Explore our research report on Young Adults in Churches and other Congregations.

Purchase our resource filled book on reaching out to Young Adults.

Faith Communities Today 2015 Survey

The Religion News Service wrote an interesting story on the 2015 research which highlights the interesting efforts that small churches are undertaking to thrive and remain vital even while small.

The 2015 overview report, American Congregations 2015: Surviving and Thriving, was just released January 4, 2016.

Faith Communities Today 2015 National survey in the field - If you receive one, please complete it - March 15, 2015

A summary report on the best practices for ministry with young adults - January 30, 2014

Young Adults in Churches and other faith communities research summary, literature review and case studies of successful young adult programs - August 1, 2013 

Faith Communities Today 2010 Survey

New Reform and Conservative Synagogue Study just released - April 3, 2012

Changing Worship Practices report - March 27, 2012

Our latest report explores how congregations are using the Internet and technology - March 7, 2012

Dr. Ihsan Bagby's research on US Mosques released - February 29, 2012

Recent report on Church and Congregational Growth Factors - December 19, 2011

New Study Examines Ten Years of Changes in American Congregations - September 17, 2011

Interfaith Activity by Congregations Rises Dramatically - September 7, 2011

New reports have been released by the Catholic, United Church of Christ and Seventh-day Adventist research teams - August 2, 2011

American Congregations Hurt by 2008 Recession - April 21, 2011

Survey finds Episcopal Church congregations increasing their digital presence - March 23, 2011

Financial situation for one-third of Presbyterian churches is at least “good” even with economic crisis - March 7, 2011

New Insights Into Report

Check out the new leadership report Insights Into: Attracting and Keeping Members - August 11, 2011


Faith Communities Today 2008 Survey

American Congregations 2008 release - March 12, 2010

A First Look at the 2008 Survey of Churches - September 9, 2009


Faith Communities Today 2005 Survey

Worship, Websites, Conflict Affect Growth in Congregations - December 11, 2006

Fewer Congregations Consider Themselves Financially Healthy - June 21, 2006

Interfaith Worship and Interfaith Cooperation Among Congregations Has Increased Significantly - May 9, 2006

Megachurches Today Research Report Released - February 3, 2006

More Megachurches than previously thought? - May 5, 2005

The Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership FACT2005

Other Faith Communities Today 2005 News

FACT related research - Episcopal Churches Report

FACT related research - Megachurches Today Research Report


Faith Communities Today 2000 Survey News

Muslim Mosques Growing at a Rapid Pace in the US
Media Advisory, December 6, 2001

Houses of Worship Provide Food, Shelter
Media Advisory, November 20, 2001

Megachurches cluster in Bible belt, study shows
Media Advisory, November 8, 2001

Massive Study of U.S. churches, synagogues and mosques is completed Media Advisory, March 2001

Faith Communities Today Research Project Nearing End
Media Advisory, December 2000

Painting a Portrait of American Religion Congregational Studies as a Vehicle for Interfaith Cooperation
June 1998, Praxis Magazine, a quarterly magazine of Hartford Seminary

2000 Denominational releases

Findings and insights from the FACT report on Faith Communities Today, a report on religion in the United States, 2000
March 13, 2001 release by the Churches of Christ

Celebrating Catholic Parishes - A Preliminary Report
March 2001, a report written by the Roman Catholic Church
This report is in Adobe .pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded for free by going to the Adobe website.

Adventists Participate in Largest-Ever Study of U.S. Churches
March 13, 2001, release by the Seventh Day Adventist Church

FACT Study Results Released to The Public
release by the Assemblies of God This press release is also available in Spanish in Adobe .pdf format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded for free by going to the Adobe website.

American Baptist Input Prominent in 'Faith Communities Today' Report Detailing Most Comprehensive Study Ever of U.S. Church Life
March 14, 2001, release by the American Baptist Church

Episcopalians participate in sweeping study of religion in America
March 13, 2001, release by the Episcopal Church

Coalition releases comprehensive survey of U.S. churches
March 13, 2001, release by the United Methodist Church

Disciples congregations take part in massive study of congregations
March 12, 2001, release by the Disciples of Christ

'FACT' Report Reveals Much About 41 Faith Groups, Including ELCA
March 13, 2001, release by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Broad-based Study of U.S. Congregational Life Moving Ahead
United Methodist Press Release, August 2000

Seminaries Urged to Heed "FACT" Concerns About Theological Education
March 13, 2001, release by Eden Theological Seminary

New Survey Will Help Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques
August 9, 2000, National Meeting News

Major Study of Religious Values and Organization Life

July 1999, National Meeting News

A National Interfaith Survey of Congregations In the Year 2000
July 1998, National Meeting News

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