Research Reports 2015

Reports based on the Faith Communities Today 2015 Study

American Congregations 2015: Thriving and Surviving - This summary research report, from January 2016, explores the findings from the 2015 study of over 4400 congregations.

Investigate the Questionnaire used and general frequencies for all the 2015 survey questions.

Focused reports:

Engaging Young Adults - This 18 page report examines the extensive material from the survey on young adult ministry and uncovers the patterns and dynamics of those congregations with significant percentages of persons 18-34 years old in their memberships.

Teaching and Learning in American Congregations - This report explores religious education and Sunday school programs patterns in the 2015 research and drawing out key insights and action steps for Church, Synagogue, Mosque leaders as well as other faith leaders who want to imporve their educational offerings.

Other focused reports will follow as they become available.



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